Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beginners guide to Nigerian stock market 1

Beginners guide to Nigerian stock market
The idea didn’t just pop out or the moon. You must have been accosted by a stock broker, or from the unceasing adverts of share offers. But at last you’ve decided to invest. Good choice. Nigeria is still currently named among developing countries, but people say this like it’s a taboo. Well for the smart ones, it simply tells you that thee are a lot of untapped market niches available the country’s economy. To invest into the Nigerian stock market or other securities is quite a very critical decision every investor should look well, to leap high. The stock market is the only business transaction that its resource is over 70% untapped. But remember you stand a great chance of profiting unlimitedly in trading in Nigerian stocks, as well as losing every thing you have worked for all your life into the Nigerian stock market just in a twinkle of eye.
This is the main reason why Nigerian stock market is not meant for everybody. People who cant stand market pressure or calculated risk. Success and progress comes with its own price. And the solemn price needed to succeed in the Nigerian stock market is money and information. Neither can be ignored. Therefore before you start investing in the Nigeria stock market, you should re-evaluate you financial status to give you and idea of investment benchmarks you will strive towards.
But with all the cash in the world and the wrong information, you wont go far before your banker starts knocking at your door. So get both and get rich

Treasure Map
For every beginner, before rushing to close your account because of some public offers you heard on the radio, first think of the best way you intend to invest in the Nigerian stock market. By buying equities, mutual funds, bonds. This depends on your knowledge of the trade and the amount of time you are willing to sacrifice for the venture. Secondly, look at visit your banker and determine how much you’re willing to risk in this venture. Yes, you heard me right, “RISK”. I’m yet to see a business with high yield and 100% guarantee returns. After checking your financial status, be sure to start with as little as you can afford, so that you wont loose of your life earnings in one swoop.
To be Continued

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